ARTIGLI collections feature a bold style and above all a contemporary one, always in line with the international trends.


Dedicated to women who value femininity and love looking constantly for new inspirations for their image, Artigli fashion concept is targeted to a very demanding and at the same time cross-cutting clientele, curious and dynamic in nature.


The project Artigli is the outcome of a steady dialogue between tradition and innovation. The expertise of Italian craftsmanship, the know-how about the cut and the fabrics are blended with the use of production technologies at the service of innovative lines and fit.


Fabrics and yarns are carefully selected to add to every piece the unique value of Italian style and the production is the result of a ten-years experience keeping under control every stage of the product creation.


Creativity and quality thus the strengths of the brand Artigli. A definitely versatile collection and a unique objective, femininity.