Add a dynamic touch to your interior with timeless decoration and candlelight.

Besides adding a pleasant scent to your home, decorating with candles can be an interesting way to brighten up your interior.


Vicky Callewaert, the creator of Victoria With Love, is inspired to help others make their homes their homes. From the start, she knew she wanted her candles to have a distinctive scent, one that would leave a lasting impression and be recognized everywhere.


After experimenting with different ingredients, she came across her signature scent, a relaxing and romantic blend of aromas. She uses only one fragrance for all candle collections. Do you like fringed candles? Then we are sure that you will love them!


Victoria with love combines teak, an earthy product, with the sweet tonka bean, known for its healing powers, and patchouli, with dark and sensual hues, considered by many to be an aphrodisiac - true to the motto "made to discover romance".


In addition, all candle collections are handmade with passion & designed in Belgium.