The Dutch fashion and lifestyle label JOSH V from fashion designer Josh Veldhuizen is known for its stylish and elegant collections that make women's hearts beat faster worldwide.

JOSH V creates accessible and at the same time luxurious, ready-to-wear collections that belong in the wardrobe of every self-confident woman who wants to look stylish.

“I want to make women look and feel spectacular”
- Josh Veldhuizen


MEET JOSH VJOSH V was founded in 2011 by the Amsterdam fashion entrepreneur Josh Veldhuizen. Within a few years, driven by her passion for fashion, her entrepreneurial character and her enormous commitment, she managed to build a leading fashion label. JOSH V is now one of the fastest growing fashion brands in Europe. The label is known for its recognizable luxurious character and very feminine collections of high quality with exclusive finishes.


The luxurious appearance of the JOSH V collections is characterized by the choice of high-quality materials, the application of thoughtful details in combination with elements such as pearls, sequins and stones. All items are finely finished with luxurious zippers and striking buttons, and are praised for their comfortable fit and stylish, timeless use of color. The innovative prints are developed in-house, giving each collection a unique "look".

The collections are usually designed in the JOSH V "signature colors", or the always wearable nude and taupe shades, combined with basics in black, white and gray. As a result, items from different collections can be combined in many ways. In addition, the collections always contain the latest trends and seasonal colors. The characteristic JOSH V look in combination with the distinctive color palette and finish level ensures that the brand stands out, stands out and is therefore popular with the shoppers.


JOSH V delivers consistently accessible luxury for a feminine look. The collections are worn by fashion-conscious women who want to appear well-groomed and stylish. Mixing and matching timeless classics and trendy items can embrace, accentuate or, where necessary, disguise the feminine shapes. The JOSH V woman is ambitious, self-assured and keeps up with the latest trends in fashion. She gets inspiration for online and offline purchases from magazines, online fashion blogs and social media. Quality, comfort and luxury are the most important requirements for her.